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Portable Electric Heater Lunch Box

Portable Electric Heater Lunch Box

Portable Electric Heater Lunch Box

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Eat homemade meals on the go

Eating freshly cooked meals is no longer impossible from work! Pack your homemade dishes in Light meal and enjoy warm and healthy eating from anywhere!

Light meal keeps its contents fresh and has enough room for a two-course meal. When lunchtime is near, press the button and after 20 min. your warm meal will be served.

Light meal preserves the taste and nutrients of the foods inside you can experience homemade gourmets from your work, from the park, or anywhere you go!

Why LightMeal is for you

Fresh out of the stove- Enjoy eating your meals warm, at work, or on the go! With a light meal, you eat like you are at home!

Satisfy your appetite- Never lose appetite at the sight of a stale or cold lunch! Pack it in a Light meal and you’ll always eat fresh!

It’s simple to be healthy- You don’t have to eat unhealthy foods on your breaks. Pack your healthy dish and the Light meal will keep it ready for munching!

A light meal is an ultimate choice- Even if you are busy you can eat as if you are at home! Take your Light meal and eat freshly cooked meals wherever you go!



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